The mpz and mpq types support arbitrary precision integers and rationals via the GMP library. These types should be drop-in replacements for Python’s int’s and Fraction’s, but are significantly faster for large values. The cutover point for performance varies, but can be as low as 20 to 40 digits. All the special integer functions in the GMP are supported.

The mpfr and mpc types provide support for correctly rounded multiple precision real and complex arithmetic via the MPFR and MPC libraries. The context type is used to control precision, rounding modes, and exceptional conditions. For example, division by zero can either return an Infinity or raise an exception. It is possible to specify different precision and rounding modes for both the real and imaginary components of an mpc. The default precision is 53 bits — just same as for Python’s float and complex types.

Operator overloading is fully supported. Coversion from native Python types is optimized for performance.